Sunday, September 4, 2011

Install Nokia S40 Security Certificate

Now Install Nokia Security Certificate For S40 Devices Easily...

Step 1:  Download Nokia Software Updater. Which is about 40 mb in size..

Step 2: Install it into your Desktop ( pc )

Step3: Close all the application which is runninig in your PC. Include PC suit, Ovi Suite If its Running

Step4: Connect Your Handset Through USB cable to the Computer

Step5: Connect to Internet ( throug mobile or broadband ) (if you dont have broadband then need not to worry. through mobile you van connect to internet )

Step6: Run nokia updater, It automatically searches  latest software for your device ( suppose your handset is already updated with the new firmware, then click on REINSTALL )

Step7: Download Software ( nearly 50 to 130 Mb, Depends on your avalable software your handset)

Step8: Install it.. thats it (  It instals all security certificates  even removes conflicted applications from your mobile )

Warning : It works and Do it with your Own Risk...

Step 9: If also not work then visit your nearest Nokia Care

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Eda said...

Not certificate on my phone. Nokia 2730

like this

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